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Best of JavaScript gathers every day the latest trends about the open source projects related to Node.js and the web platform: JavaScript of course, but also HTML and CSS.

Background: why Best of JavaScript?

JavaScript and web technologies are advancing faster than ever, we are going full-speed on innovation. Amazing open-source projects are released almost everyday, so it's hard to keep up-to-date about the trends.

  • What are the most popular projects right now, over the last weeks or over the last months?
  • What are the most relevant projects related to a given tag: the best framework? The best testing tools?

To answer those questions, I built Best of JavaScript.

Every day, Best of JavaScript aggregates data from Github about more than 1000 projects related to Node.js and the web platform.


  • Single page application built with:

    • React (rendering engine)
    • Redux (state management)
  • Cloud services:

    • Auth0: Authentication as a service, to let Github users contribute to the project
    • mLab: MongoDB Database-as-a-Service, used to store data related to projects
    • SemaphoreCI: CI Server used to run the daily tasks
  • Micro services

2016 JavaScript Rising Stars


At the end of 2016, I wanted to share data and analysis about the main trends related to the JavaScript world.

So I wrote an article called "Rising Stars 2016", providing graphs about Github stars and writing an analysis split into 10 categories: front-end frameworks, mobile, testing, Node.js, tooling, IDE...

The article, published in January 2017 was quite popular, I got 150,000 page views during 3 days, thanks to Hacker News buzz.

The article was featured in the JavaScript newsletter JavaScript Weekly in January 2017.


The article has been translated in 2 languages by several contributors:

  • Japanese: "JavaScript ベスト・オブ・ザ・イヤー 2016"
  • Chinese: "2016 年崛起的 JS 项目"