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The web landscape is changing faster than ever.
It's hard to keep track of everything that happens in the JavaScript open-source community.
As a web developer, I felt that something was missing, so I decided to create my own application!

Read the full story in the blog post.

What I did

I created a new web application to gather the best of the web platform: MVC frameworks, CSS toolkits, testing tools, node.js microservices...


  • React
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • MongoDB
  • node.js micro services

Brastel Remit Responsive design prototype

2013 - Customer: Brastel Telecom


I was in charge of brastelremit.jp web site (an internatonal money transfer service). I made a proposal to make the web site mobile-friendly, using "Responsive Web Design" ideas (Read more about the making-of here).

What I did

I made a prototype of a mobile-friendly web, using "Responsive design" concepts: one website that suits all shapes, sizes and interaction. Depending on the device screen, the same page behaves differently.


  • Bootstrap : a set of HTML5 components perfect for creating responsive web sites
  • Docpad : a site generator based on node.js
  • CoffeeScript/CoffeeKup : the templating language used to create pages

Brastel Remit first version

2012 - Customer: Brastel Telecom

Brastel Remit is an international money transfer service released in March 2012. I did the main web site and the customer web site.

I created all pages of Brastel Remit web site:
I implemented the layout provided by the Design team (using XHTML and jQuery).
I made the page dynamic using web services provided by the System team (XSL - XML).


  • XSL - XML
  • jQuery

Team Calendar

2010 - Customer: Air France


TeamCalendar is an online calendar that shows working schedule and days off of all team members in order to better coordinate project activities.

What I did

I designed a new version to solve the performance problems of the old one (response time was too long). The application uses Ajax requests to make the calendar display faster.

The User Interface was simplified : for example the user has just to click on a calendar cell to create an entry.


  • CakePHP for the demo version
  • Lotus Notes Domino for the intranet version


2009 - Customer: Air France


E-letter is a mass-mailing application to send newsletters to all Air France employees (about 40,000 addresses).

The first version of E-letter was only for Air France employees who use Lotus Notes.

Unfortunately the mails were not compatible with other mails clients : Microsoft Outlook, webmails used by KLM staff... a new version was needed !

What I did

I made a new version using a web standard format for the mails : HTML MIME.

This application is a kind of CMS that generates mails in HTML MIME format: The users creates a newsletter by adding "blocks" of content that can be : title, pictures, paragraphs and so on.

Mail can be sent at any time or scheduled (i.e. an economic report is sent every month to all employees).


  • Lotus Notes Domino R6.5


2007 - Customer: Air France


Air France Cargo carries freight all over the world by plane but also by truck.

When goods arrive at the Paris CDG airport, the trucks are loaded in parking places called "slots". The slots are reserved for only 30 minutes. Air France Cargo needed a new application to manage these slots.

What I did

I designed and developed the application from start to finish, allowing users to manage slots. The main page is a calendar, showing the real-time availability of each slot. Users can book a slot in real time, by selecting the date and time in the calendar.

In special cases, for instance if there is no available slot left, "extra slots" can be requested (via an approval workflow). Users also get information about all events by accessing a special mailbox, included within the application.


  • Lotus Notes Domino, web and Notes client